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Lower Lashes

Lower Lashes

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About the Product

️Paulash Details' Lower Lashes Take your lashes to the next level!

9 styles to choose from

Lash Shapes: Natural, Medium and Glam

3 Pairs of Lower Lashes included in every set

Made with invisible bands for a seamless look

Reusable for up to 3 times per pair

REMINDER Our lower lashes’ invisible band is a lot more delicate and fragile than the usual bands used for regular lashes.

PLEASE HANDLE AND USE LOWER LASHES WITH CARE to prolong lashes' shelf life.


1. Gently remove lower lashes from lash tray.

2. Check the size of the lash band if it fits your lash line or eye shape by placing the lashes as near as possible to your natural lower lash line. If it's too long, cut little by little from the outer corner until it fits your lower lash line perfectly. Use of Paulash's Scissors is highly suggested.

3. Hold the lashes with the invisible bands facing you. Use of Paulash's Lash Applicator 2.0 is suggested to handle the lashes during application. (See shop to avail)

4. Apply ample layer of lash glue on the invisible lash band. Applying too much lash glue might negatively affect the adhesion. Best to use Paulash's Clear Lash Glue. 

5. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds or until glue gets tacky.

6. Gently place the lower lashes with the invisible band as close to your lower lash line as possible. Best to attach middle part first and adjust both ends until you're comfortable. 7. (OPTIONAL) Using a Lash Applicator 2.0, pinch Paulash Details' Lower Lashes together with your natural lower lash line to ensure a perfect fit.


1. Use an oil based cleanser with a cotton swab to remove lash glue residue from invisible band. (Do this if necessary only, frequent cleansing of invisible lash band may shorthen lash's life)

2. Handle Lower Lashes with care ALWAYS. Invisible lash bands are more fragile compared to regular lashes, tugging and pinching the band may shorten it's shelf life.

3. Use of Lash Applicator 2.0 in handling Paulash Details' Lower Lashes is highly suggested.

4. Use only the necessary amount of lash glue during application. Clumped and heavy amount of lash glue may affect invisible band's durability.

5. After use, it is highly suggested to attach lashes back to its original tray for safe keeping.

6. Make sure to store Lower Lashes in a cool and dry place. For requests and remarks, kindly include them in the message section upon check out or message us directly on our shop.

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