Welcome to The Glow Club

The Glow Club was founded by best-friends with a simple idea in mind: bring an affordable cosmetic products and that are easy access to everyone who lives in New Zealand regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

With that vision in mind, we created a platform that offers set of collective brands that brings locally made beauty products from the Philippines to New Zealand. The Glow Club promotes and delivers different cosmetic products to the international market that are effective, realistic, high-end brand alternative that champions and celebrates self-love. 

The joy of movement doesn’t set a standard of what beauty is. We believe that everyone should feel confident about what they put or wear that makes them comfortable. We want you to shop at the Glow Club knowing that you will find what you think is best, that fits, and feels great for YOU. We aim for the best possible and here, you will never miss a chance to glow.