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Sunnies Face Blush on
Jasmin Rose Comendador
Good array of products

I love how accessible and fast their deliveries are and how there are a variety of local products to choose from. So so happy now thatI can get a hold of my fave beauty products without having to go so far.

My OG go to for my beauty products and now skincare too!

I used a cleansing oil which unfortunately didnt react well with my skin so i searched for something that would help soothe it. Found this from theglowclub and wowowowow it has done wonders. Would 10/10 recommend the centella range. ❤️

Lip Treat
Sophie Low

I made a click & collect order for the Sunnies Face lip treat in the shade beet which I've been waiting for ages! It would be helpful if there was a waitlist that we can use so it will notify when it gets back in stock!

Whitening Repair Moisturizer
Fayme Lexine Reyes

Whitening Repair Moisturizer

Trusted Online Shop

I love this shop. They have the products I miss from the Philippines. Will definitely buy again.


Easy to blend with

Anua Toner

I've been trying to find the 500ml of this, finally got my hands on it!!! Thanks, The Glow Club! 🤍

Products & services

Wide range of asian skincare and body care products. Great customer service, accommodating and responsive.

love itt❤️

Good one

Fast delivered and good product

Good one

Good product

Cooling on the lips

this works!

I've been using this consistently and it works at lengthening my lashes. I used to have short thin lashes but this has helped grow them. I also like the dual brows and lashes option.

Whitening Repair Foam Cleanser

Highly recommended

Very good product!!

Satisfied customer

I can say that it is really effective on my face,got the result i wanf

Best self-care shop

I love the availability of the ph products that i need and surprise with the fast shipping

Shipping with a care!

I am always fascinated on how TGC pack orders with care and good scent plus shipping it on the same day. Efficient and fast delivery as well. Perfect! Keep it up! More power TGC! Mwaahh

Beauty White
Fast delivery

Quick delivery. Items are effective.

Luxeslim Box
Fast delivery

My order was processed and delivered fast. The packaging smells so good. As I have tried the product, I could say it is effective.

I quite like this cushion. I have Tirtir and Clio but I prefer this more. Definitely going to get another one soon.

I love how you handle online order - always give updates and open for feedback. My order is packed properly and it arrived within 2 days, that’s amazing because i got used to wait for 5-7 days for my online orders but this one arrived early.

Niacinamide+Alpha Arbutin Shower Srub
LUXE ORGANIX Niacinamide + Alpha Arbutin Whitening Serum Lotion

Love the smell and it moisturises your skin

Lucky Beauty

I love it. Thank you, The Glow Club🥰